Franchise offers
If you have the spirit of entrepreneur, zeal of growth and commitment for building a successful business and the ability to accept all challenges, we offer you the right opportunity. The IFC offer franchise for a range segments for you to select one.

Kiosk Cafe

Designed to place pre-designed cafe in the open place near Commercial centers, Educational institutions, Software hubs, Railway stations, Bus stations, Hospitals, Food courts etc.

Relax Cafes

Designed to create a proper space where customers can experience the best coffee while chilling with their near and dear in a heavenly ambience at residential areas.

Partnered Model

Designed to serve coffee at College Canteens, Hotels, Sports Complexes, Food Courts, Hospitals, Canteens etc. those who already own any of the above can partner with us to serve our coffee at their cafes.

Mobile Cafe

Space can always be a challenge in cities and town centers. Mobile Café is designed to serve coffee on a carriage attached to motor bike or a mini truck at busy and congested areas.
Why you should franchise with us?

Successful Model

It is already a successful business model. What make our products successful are our supreme taste and the premium quality of our products. We can assure you of that.

Unique Taste

Our team is trained in such a way that the same standard of taste and quality can be experienced by our customer at any of our outlets. So, where you see our outlet you can be rest assured that the Coffee experience is going to be worthwhile. This gives you an edge over your competitors and makes you the first choice.

End To End Support

Right from outlet design to training of staff, it is our strict vow to take care of everything such that the adherence to best service and quality is maintained uniformly. We also provide you with all the products saving you the hassle of procurement.

Right Location

Our team has the expertise in locating and assessing the places where business can happen comfortably and profitably. The experts will personally visit the places to make sure your location would be apt in all aspects.

Royalty Free

It is usually the royalty which takes away a large piece of the cake. However, we don’t believe in that. Our policy is not to charge any royalty from any of our outlets as our value system is, those who work hard should get all the benefit. You will be royalty free and all the profits you earn will be yours.

Constant Monitoring

We will be in regular touch with the staff to make sure they are following our process and principles without any deviation so that taste and quality is maintained in the same way at all times. A check mechanism would be put in place to see that it happens.

Make your dream come true in the booming Hospitality Industry

Entrepreneurs are engaging in coffee shop like never before. If you are looking for the safest way to expand or diversify a business, it’s franchising. If you are a business minded entrepreneur and want to give yourself a personal freedom, then here you can choose our various franchise module. Just click on the enquiry, if you would like to reach us quickly regarding franchise,we will get back to you.Good luck !!

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