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About The Band

Iyer’s Filter Coffee is a Garage/Indie rock band based out of Bangalore. Drawing inspiration from bands such as The Strokes, Oasis, Arctic Monkeys, RHCP and The Beatles, this four-piece band is high on energy and is sure to leave you craving more.

IFC was formed with the intent of creating and playing original music live, keeping up with the times as indie music continues to grow and evolve. Having released their first single in April 2017, the band is well on course to deliver an EP in the next few months that will look to make a dent in the Indie music scene in India.


Dennis Dey Bassist

Belonging to a family brimming with music, Dennis was meant to carry the legacy of sheer awesomeness forward. From picking up the Acoustic Guitar as a child, to playing the Bass in college, to being a regular in the Delhi music circuit. Dennis has played 100+live shows and was the winner of Season 2 of Hindustan Times Friday Jam with his previous band. Apart from serving bassist duties, he is currently the "Guy in the Chair" for the band, helping them with Creatives and Audio-Video editing.

Rushil Mishra Vocalist

Rushil has been playing music for a while now. The guitar player, who also happens to sing a little, has played at over 50 live shows, and started writing original music around 2 years ago. Heavily influenced by bands like RHCP and Arctic Monkeys, this former (wannabe) Jordan Rudess impersonator might just leave you wanting more!

Pushkara Ravindra Guitarist

Pushkar has had a long musical background. While he started training as a Carnatic classical vocalist in his early years, his tastes moved to a contemporary one. He has been playing the guitar for almost 7 years with influences ranging from Classic Rock to Modern Indie music. Wielding an electric stage presence and smooth technique, this short shredder never fails to excite any crowd.

Sachin Iyer Drummer

Sachin has been playing the drums for more than 9 years playing over 40 live shows. Growing up, Iyer was heavily influenced by the drumming of greats such as Gavin Harrison, Danny Carey, Chad Smith and Mike Portnoy, infusing a style of drumming that combines elements of hard rock, blues and progressive music and more subtly, jazz, into the band. Watch out for this guy and his power-packed drumming.